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9200 Hurricane Guard Sliding Glass Door impact sliderThe beauty of sliding glass doors is now avilable with superior Hurricane Guard protection. Choose from our panel configutation, or ask about coustom size avilablity. Get a designer look with out sacrificing strength and durablity. Classic colonial styling is avilable.

Lawson Windows' - 9200 Hurricane Guard Sliding Glass Door
Maximum Frame Size 191 1/4” x 96”
Maximum Panel Size 4’ x 8’
Configurations XO, OX, OXO, OXXO
Maximum Design Pressure Refer to Notice of Acceptance
Glass Thickness 7/16”
Glass Components Per Notice of Acceptance
Muntin Flat Exterior/Flat Interior
Frame Color White,Bronze
Sill Depth
Miami-Dade County NOA Reference Below


General Information
Sliding glass doors shall be of series 9200 as manufactured by Lawson Industries, Inc., Medley, Florida, USA. Conforming with A.N.S.I./A.A.M.A. 103.3-93, for S.G.D. C40 to C50, A.A.M.A. 1302.5-76 for forced entry resistance, and F.B.C. TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203. Miami Dade County Florida notice of acceptance, and Florida Building Code (F.B.C.) Certifications are available on Lawson web site:


General Information
All door members shall be of commercial quality 6063 aluminum alloy to T5 and T6 temper. Door stiles shall be notched to allow top and bottom rails to telescope into stiles for maximum strength. Locking and fixed stiles to be of tubular design with minimum dimension of 2 5/8” x 1 1/2”. Tubular interlock stiles shall have a minimum dimension of 2 1/2” x 1 1/2”. Both vertical stiles and horizontal rails are an assembly consisting of the base extrusion, and a snap fitted aluminum glazing adaptor containing a compressible (geon) vinyl bulb, applied to the exterior of each panel member to conceal and protect the glazing rebate. Tracks shall be of sloped exterior design with a 2 1/4” vertical riser as standard. An optional track with 3” vertical riser shall be available for conditions requiring higher positive pressures. Top of vertical door stiles shall be joined to horizontal rails using two #10 x 3/4” sheet metal screws. Bottom door rails shall be joined to stile using one #10 x 3/4” sheet metal screw.


General Information
Doors, jambs and headers shall receive an electro-statically applied 1.0 mil dry fill thickness coating which meets the performance requirements of A.A.M.A. 603.5 in a choice of bronze or white. All tracks and thresholds shall be finished.


General Information
Latch shall be surface mounted in white or black pained finish with integral interior and exterior pull handle. Positive acting thumb turn on interior will actuate steel mortise bolt. Latch housing shall contain adjustment feature, which will permit alteration of bolts travel, facilitating minute adjustments if necessary. Surface mounted hardened steel door keeper shall also provide for vertical adjustment. A high quality 5 pin cylinder keylock to actuate the door latch from the exterior is an added option. Keylocks may be keyed alike or master keyed upon special order at additional cost. Bottom door rail shall contain two tandem roller assemblies, each assembly containing two 1 3/4” diameter ball bearing rollers, assembled with hardened steel inner and outer race. Stainless steel wheels are available at added cost. Each bottom rail shall have a 7/16” diameter access hole in its exterior surface that permits entry of adjustment tool which when turned will raise or lower door. Each adjustment hole shall be protected by a 7/16” diameter nylon port hole cover.


General Information
When specified, muntins shall be 1 1/8” wide x .062” aluminum applied to both interior and exterior sides of glass, in color to match door components.


General Information
Double weather stripping throughout unit shall be water resistant polypropolene pile, and virgin PVC vinyl.


General Information
Furnished when specified. Vertical and horizontal members shall be tubular sections with spring loaded rollers in identical top and bottom rails for easy reversing. Positive action screen latch shall be self-reversing. Screen shall have effective insect proofing. All corners are joined using 2 #8 x 1 1/2” sheet metal screws.


General Information
Performance data shall comply with Florida Building Code for impact-resistant product. Consult Lawson web site for specifics:


General Information
Doors shall be glazed using 7/16” thick laminated glass consisting of one lite of 3/16” heat strengthened glass on inboard and outboard side and an .090 polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Glass of varying colors shall be specified.


General Information
Doors shall be glazed using 7/16” thick laminated glass consisting of one lite of 3/16” heat strengthened glass on inboard and outboard side and an .090 polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. Glass of varying colors shall be specified.


Features & Benefits

Mortise latch for added security and ease of operation.

Modular size conforms to the industry’s most commonly built openings, and makes replacement of exiting doors fast and easy.

Tandem rollers with 4 rollers per bottom rail allows door panels to move smoothly.

Heavy duty screen with tubular extruded stiles and rails resist bowing.

Fixed panel sill retainer holds a stationary panel bottom rail securely to the track.

Multiple panel configurations: OX/XO, OXO and OXXO stacks are available.

Custom sizes mean that units may be cut down in height and width as an added option.

Colonial design featuring flat aluminum muntins on exterior and interior, are an added option.




Thaddeus S. - April 2016 - Nassau, Bahamas

You all did an excellent job on my accordion shutters.  They went together like a simple puzzle.  I will be recommending you to my family members!

Doreen J – March 2016 – Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

Hello I love my hurricane shutters and I also sent a picture. I will give other people your address as well.  Thanks for everything.

Jessica H. – February 2016 – Jacksonville Beach, Florida

We looooooooooooooooooooooooove our shutters!  I am so grateful you helped me with the measurements!  They look amazing!  Thanks again!

Fred M. – January 2016 – Corpus Christi, Texas 

Good morning.  We got the rolling shutters and everything went well with the installation.  I'd like to add them to my web page and market these. I was wondering if you could send me something, like a link and whatever i could use to link to my webpage?  Anything would help.

Tom W. - December - 2015 - Coos Bay, Oregon

I just wanted to let you know that your Rolling Shutters are fantastic. So far they have held up well against a very punishing Oregon coast weather that our beach gets hammered with in the winter. There is so much sand shifting that we actually have to own a Bobcat to move sand all winter long. If you want a testimonial just ask a few of us that have your shutters.

Louis E. - October - 2015 - Alliquippa, Pennsylvania

"I have installed the shutters on my OLD house in Pennsylvania, And I was very impressed with the quality of the Bahama Shutters,,Heavy Aluminum Powder coated finish...I won't have to get up there and every Paint these again.. Also I can leave the window open during a rain and not have to worry about the rain getting the house.. And the best thing the house stays nice and cool with out The Air Conditioner running.. I Love them.."

Brian M. - September - 2015 - Gulf Shores, Alabama

Michael, I wanted to thank you for all the time and information you gave me on the phone today regarding hurricane shutters for this project on the Gulf coast. Your expertise was evident and customer service excellent! As a licensed contractor myself, it is a pleasure doing business with a company such as yours. Keep up the great job!

Bill C. - August - 2015 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Thank you for very good service.  It is much appreciated!

David C. - July - 2015 - Maui, Hawaii

The Bahama Shutters have been received; just in time for our first storm....  Thanks to you, I am READY!!! 
Mahalo & Aloha

Gary F. - April - 2015 -  San Clemente, California

Just a note to thank all at Hurricane Shutters for a wonderful job. From start to finish your team was there to help guide me and delivered what you promised.

 Soams S. - February - 2015 - Orange Park, Florida

Wow!! My Bahama Shutters are very nice looking. I really like the shutter contrast color with my house!  Thanks to all your crew for all the hard work on my behalf. Your assistance and product are outstanding.  I love the shutters.  Thanks again for your great product support. I will send pictures soon. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Patrick R. - January - 2015 - Long Island, New York

I Just had my Rolling Shutters installed (on 5 sliders) yesterday on our oceanfront beach house in New York where they will provide protection from Noreasters' and hurricanes. In addidtion, they will provide a solid measure of security! Thank you all at Empire for a job well done!

Accordions : 7 - 10 Days
Bahamas/Colonials : 2 - 3 Weeks
Clear Panels : 3 - 5 Days
Hurricane Fabric : 10 - 14 Days
Impact Windows : 6 - 8 Weeks
Roll-Downs : 10 - 14 Days
Storm Panels : 3 - 5 Days




  Hurricane Shutters made in the USA

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