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Delray Beach and Impact Hurricane windows to Keep Your Home Safe

Delray Beach is located in southern Palm Beach County, right on the Atlantic Ocean. They’re a resort town, and offer visitors beauty, night life, and nearly two miles of beautiful beaches.

Delray Beach is a welcoming place; the visitors and tourist are their business, and those people never have to think of the downside of living in a Florida city. But if you’re a permanent resident of Delray Beach, you’d be best advised to prepare for hurricane season. Every year, Florida is brushed or hit by tropical storms or hurricanes, and sometimes that means property damage. In the most severe cases, it can mean loss of life, as well. Preparation is key to surviving a storm and keeping your home’s damage to a minimum. And one of the best ways to make sure that your home is safe is to storm proof it.

You must either put up hurricane shutters when a storm is coming, or you must have impact hurricane windows installed on your home. Hurricane impact windows with their impact resistant glass – a double layer – special inner lining for strength, shatter proof abilities, and heavy weight aluminum framing are the best kind of window you can have in your home when a hurricane or tropical storm is coming. They don’t shatter and bombard you with flying glass, they fit tightly in the heavy duty, strong frame, and there are three layers that must be broken or penetrated before the wind and rain can come into your home and wreak havoc. That’s a lot of protection.

The state of Florida recognizes these kinds of windows with their impact resistant glass as so safe, they’re the only type that doesn’t have to be covered by hurricane shutters in order to have insurance coverage on your home. They recognize them as sufficient to protect your home and family, and insurance companies will even give you a break when you retrofit them on your home. The average wind coverage savings for installing hurricane impact windows in florida is 20%, and that means more cash in your pocket, and that your windows gradually pay for themselves.

Impact hurricane windows are safe; living right on the water as you do in Delray Beach, you must have a secure home. You’re closer to where hurricanes make landfall, and you will be hit harder than other Florida cities that are farther away from the ocean. Install impact hurricane windows today, and make your home safer.