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Impact Hurricane Windows in Coral Springs

Coral Springs, Florida is a great place to live. In fact, Money magazine just published an article called the 100 Best Places to Live across the United States and Coral Springs ranked first in Florida and 44th on the entire list. It’s the second time in a row that Coral Springs has been the number one city in Florida, and the third time in a row that it made it into the top 100 list. Cities were graded on income, job growth, opportunity, quality of life, levels of crime, school quality, and many more things. There’s no doubt about it, Coral Springs is a lovely place to live.

Except during hurricane season. It’s a fact of Florida life – hurricane season starts the first day of June and ends the last day of November. And every one of those days, your home and your family could be in danger from storms. It’s best to have a plan, and part of that plan is storm proofing your home.

Replacing your windows with impact hurricane windows could be an essential part of that storm proofing, and provide your home and family with the protection that they need.

Impact hurricane windows are specially made – they are coated with a special layer of silicon glazing that keeps them from shattering, even if they break. It’s the same kind of glazing that is on windshields of cars, and it keeps the glass in the frame. No flying shards of glass, no dangerous debris thrown into your house by the storm, ever again. But impact hurricane windows go even further than windshields do – there are not one, but two layers of glass. And if that wasn’t enough to protect you, there’s a special inner layer that gives the window even more strength, so the wind or debris would have to go through three layers to even enter your home. These windows meet stringent Florida building codes, the even more stringent Miami-Dade building codes, and International Building Codes. The windows are strong, and are the only windows that aren’t required by Florida law to be covered by hurricane shutters in order to be covered by your insurance policy.

And there’s even better news regarding your insurance – if you install impact hurricane windows on your Coral Springs home, your insurance company may give you a break on your premiums. Check with your insurance company to see how much you will save – some companies will give you up to a 40% break on that part of your policy, with the average savings being 20%.