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Impact Hurricane Windows in Palm Beach for Energy and Emergency Management

Palm Beach is a barrier island, and it is sixteen miles long. It’s located 65 miles from Miami, Florida, and is bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and on the west by the Intracoastal Waterway. This keeps Palm Beach separate from West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. It’s close to the Gulf Stream’s warm water, so the landscaping is rich and natural, there are beaches galore, and the water activities are popular and many. The city of Palm Beach wants to protect their remaining open spaces and manage their redevelopment, and they want to improve energy management and emergency management. Emergencies in Florida most often mean hurricanes and tropical storms.

One of the ways to both improve energy management and emergency management during hurricanes is to install impact hurricane windows. There is no better protection against flying debris and high winds and they’re the only type of window not required to be covered by hurricane shutters in the event of a storm. That’s a Florida law – uncovered impact resistant windows are still covered by insurance. That’s how strong they are – they are protection on their own, without being shuttered. And their unique qualities not only protect your home, they keep you from losing heat or cold air from around the windows, and reduce heat or cold transfer from inside or outside the house. That saves energy, and saves money. Less energy used equals less money spent on utility bills. They are Energy Star qualified and marked as such, and you can take a tax credit right off your taxes when you buy and install them. The government recognizes their energy saving properties, and give you money back – up to 500 dollars.

This is partly because of the special impact resistant coating on impact hurricane windows. It is strong and durable, and doesn’t shatter. If cracked, it stays in the frame and doesn’t assault your home and family with flying fragments of glass as regular or standard windows can do when they break during a storm. The glass of these windows comes in a double layer, with a strong lining between the two of them, and debris thrown by the storm with the force of a missile, wind, or rain can’t get through the three layers of these windows to enter and destroy your home.

Impact hurricane windows are your best bet for home protection if you live in Palm Beach – they meet two of the categories that Palm Beach promotes for itself as a city. They manage energy consumption, and they help with emergency management during a storm. That’s first class protection for your home.