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Storm Preparation in Jupiter Florida with Impact Hurricane windows

Jupiter Florida takes hurricanes seriously, and so should you. They offer a way to develop your family’s hurricane preparedness plan, and offer links on their website. They tell you to visit the Florida Department of Emergency Management’s disaster preparedness website and use their interactive online tool to prepare and print your family’s plan. This creates a customized plan for you and your family in the event of a hurricane. Preparation is the key to surviving a hurricane safely, and Jupiter wants you to be prepared. They even offer a link to Palm Beach County’s website for emergency information and a list of stores and gas stations with generators. They tell you the difference between tropical storm warnings, hurricane watches, and hurricane warnings. They give you a listing of storm categories and the storm surge and wind speed you can expect to see with each one. They’re prepared for the storm. Are you?

The best thing you can do to protect your home and prepare for the storm is install impact hurricane shutters. If you ‘re building a home, they should come standard. Make sure to check with your contractor to be sure that this is so. And if you’re in a home currently or are buying one, you can retrofit your home with these impact resistant windows and doors, and receive a tax credit of up to $500 for doing so. That’s a win win scenario for you: Premiere hurricane protection and money back for installing them.

Impact hurricane windows are allowed by Florida law to be left bared during a storm, and they will still be covered by insurance. That’s how safe they are; they don’t need to be covered by hurricane shutters. They provide enough defenses on their own, and eliminate the need to have install, cutting down on both your costs and time spent preparing for a storm. When a storm is coming, you don’t have to rush outside and either install temporary shutters or close permanently installed ones. That’s one less chore you have to do when a storm is imminent. You have coverage and safety already, and hurricane impact windows are convenient and safe. They protect you and your family completely.

They have double panes of glass, with a strengthening inner core, and even if the glass is breaks, it stays in the frame. That means no shards of glass flying around your home, and no entry way for the storm to reach you. Impact hurricane windows are your best bet; be like Jupiter Florida, and be prepared.