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Rolling Hurricane Shutters - Installation Questions to Ask

If  you are planning to have rolling hurricane shutters installed then you should make it a point to get a few facts cleared with the prospective installer by asking questions. The first or let’s say a very important question to ask is if the installer is insured. If an installer has worker liabilities covered then you are saved from a potentially huge cost should an accident occur. Ask the installer to show you copies of the insurance contract. The installation crew should clean up the place at the end of the day. Ask if the installer is licensed to carry out hurricane shutter installation. A licensed installer has to maintain a certain standard in his work and follow rules when installing rolling hurricane shutters or any other type; if not then he risks having his license revoked.

Get a good estimate of the number of days the project will take; if the installer charges by the hour then you need to be aware of the time taken by him to finish the job. Be prepared to give at least a fortnight to the project. Of course, it goes without saying that the individual who is to give you an estimate of men, material, and time required will actually spend time checking out the actual spaces to be covered.

Does the hurricane shutter installation come with any guarantees? Is there a maintenance contract that the installer will adhere to, if not for ever then at least for the duration of the warranty period if there is one. If you have done your homework then you can discuss with the installer about the latest advances in hurricane shutters and if these will benefit you in any way.

Keep in mind that whatever you do, there is a cost implication to it. Always take quotes from more than a few hurricane shutters installers, the quotes should be based on the same set of specifications. Confirm that the bids are fixed and not liable to increase as the project progresses.

It makes sense to find out the period for which an installer has been active. If an installer has been around for a few years, it implies that he knows his job and will also have more than a few references to provide should you ask for them. Hurricane shutters and the door / window that these are installed on need some preparatory treatment; a good hurricane shutter installation will incorporate this aspect into the process. It also requires a certain amount of skill and if the installer appears cagey in answering questions about this part of the process, then it may indicate that the lacks in either the requisite resources or the skills.