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Hurricane Shutters – New Orleans Residents Need Them

New Orleans lies in the hurricane zone and the fact was brought home most devastatingly by Katrina.

Hurricane shutters are a necessity in New Orleans to protect life and property. A hurricane does not have to be a category five storm to cause intensive damage. If you are a resident of New Orleans then every hurricane season you need to see that your property is protected with hurricane shutters. The shutters are available in a choice of constructions to suit your construction type, style choice, needs, and budget.
Storm panels are a popular choice because they are cost-effective and easy to install. These are most likely to be made of extruded aluminum or some form of polyvinyl plastic. Storm panels in New Orleans should meet the product code of the region to be truly storm resistant.

Storm panels are fitted on to tracks and can also be fitted directly on to the wall but these will be permanent fittings; an advantage with direct wall fitting is that storm panels can be easily retrofitted. These panels are available in several stock sizes and can also be custom made to provide protection and aesthetic beauty to every home, although not in the same league. If you wish you can order a DIY kit for putting up the panels yourself.

You can also opt for impact resistant glass that can be custom-built to any sized opening and can also be retrofitted.