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Hurricane Accordion Shutters for Your Property

Accordion shutters offer excellent security against hurricanes and are well-suited for curved and protruding surfaces. You can operate them from inside or outside the house. Width is usually not a restricting factor with these shutter types. They do not impinge on the exterior appearance, the tracks can be hidden and so can the shutters be when not in use. This said, these shutters are not the prettiest hurricane shutter type, some find them positively bad-looking.

Once these shutters are locked, you can be assured in the knowledge that your house is protected from winds and theft that can occur in the aftermath of a storm. For wider widths, some kind of reinforcement may be required. If you are installing these shutters, you need adequate stacking space on each side to accommodate the shutter when pushed back. For this reason, accordion shutters are best installed during the construction phase. Such shutters made from extruded aluminum slats are lightweight and sturdy. Closed shutters help in insulating rooms during winter months and contribute to bringing down electricity costs.