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Hurricane Shutters Price Factors You Should Know

The price of hurricane shutters varies with the type of material used, technology, cost of installation, and the area you stay in. There is no doubt that hurricane shutters afford the best protection against storms. Here is quick look at hurricane shutter prices that are most likely to be charged for the different types of shutters. The best time to buy is well before hurricane season; don’t wait for a storm warning to be issued.

  • Accordion shutters stay on for ever once placed and can cost up to $25-sq foot.
  • Bahama shutters are one of the oldest types and can have the slats made of wood, metal, or plastic. The cost can touch $20/square foot.
  • Awning shutters open up in clear weather and can be folded or closed when bad weather threatens. Pricing same as Bahama shutters.
  • Automatic shutters are expensive because of the ease of use they offer and their price can touch up to $30/square foot.
  • Storm panels shutters are removable and made from either steel or aluminum; these can cost up to $15/square foot.
  • Plywood is the favorite of DIY shutter installers. It is a very common hurricane protection and the cheapest material to use.