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What are Hurricane Roll-Down Shutters

Hurricane roll-down shutters are a type of hurricane shutters that offer a good combination of advantages. Read on to find out. First, these are amongst the most popular shutter types; they have been so for decades in Europe and have gained popularity in the U.S over the past 40 years or so. If the construction is of stucco or brick then you can easily have these shutters installed.

Because these shutters can be operated via a motor can be centrally controlled, they afford ease of operation and this makes them popular with old-age homes or where senior and infirm people are staying. Roll-up shutters are a great line of defense against house breaks and theft. You can install them to cover openings where access may be difficult or risky, automatic control makes it easy to manipulate; hence favored for multi-storey constructions.

Upon request, most installers will try and obtain these shutters in special sizes and for different opening types such as arches, angles, and curves. Since these shutters meet the latest building codes and can be operated from both outside and inside, they are on the expensive side. The material used is extruded aluminum and you have a choice of unlimited custom color combinations apart from the 4-5 standard colors that the manufacturer may offer.