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Clear Hurricane Shutters Give Protection with a View

Clear hurricane shutters offer excellent storm protection with the added advantage that you don’t feel boxed in. You get natural lighting and save on utilities cost. These shutters are an advantage for commercial complexes that don’t have to worry about customers passing them by as can happen with opaque traditional shutters that give the impression of an establishment being closed even when it is open for business.

Clear shutters can be installed in the form of sheets and panels. They are made from polycarbonate material that does not rust, shatter, chip, rot, and is dimensionally stable under temperature changes. These panels are dent and impact resistant as well. They look great when placed on openings of buildings. The beauty with these panels is that they can be fitted on to other hurricane shutter designs; for example you can have accordion shutters, colonial shutters, and Bahama shutters. You can also get folding Bahama shutters that operate on hinges and use clear panels. When going for such shutters, you should ensure that these are compliant with the building codes of your area.

You have options to lock and unlock these shutters from the inside or the outside. Another plus with these shutter types is that they are designed for easy installation. Having these shutters in place will let you avoid insurance penalties should you suffer hurricane damage.