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Best Hurricane Shutters for Protecting Your Property

Hurricane shutters are an investment that can save you thousands of dollars over a period of time by protecting your property and also your life. You also pay lower insurance premiums if your house is protected by hurricane shutters. So, you see hurricane shutters are best for your family but what are the best hurricane shutters for your house? The best hurricane shutters are those that fulfill certain criteria and these criteria do not change for home-owners. These are great protection at a great price. Within these parameters you have to select the best ones for your home.

There are different types of hurricane shutters and so long as the comply with the building code of your state or region you should be fine with choosing the one that you think will look good on your doors and windows. Rolling shutters offer advantages that other shutter types don’t but they are an expensive proposition and are best installed at the construction phase. On the other hand, storm panels are cheaper and also removable but they don’t look so good and take time to install. If you wish to install removable shutters then consider storm panels. Colonial shutters are a good mix of looks and service, you can install them on doors and windows but they need space on either side. Bahama shutters are probably the best looking but cannot be installed on doors, also they may have to be reinforced.

Some shutter types lend themselves nicely to retrofitting, so if you already have a construction ready then you have to choose from these. From the ones that can be stored away you need to choose ones that take the least space. Accordion shutters are another example of shutters that do not look that good but can cover bulging surfaces. The cheapest are plywood sheets that are of necessary thickness. These are inexpensive and lend themselves nicely to a DIY job.