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Exterior Hurricane Shutters for Window Protection

Exterior shutters differ in one respect from interior shutters. Interior shutters will swing inwards and can be controlled from inside. Exterior shutters are used for a number of purposes; in hurricane-prone areas their most important use is to prevent structural damage from hurricane winds and debris. They also serve to control the amount of light entering your premises and some extent of heat / cold / sound insulation.

Exterior shutters can be hinged or placed on tracks. If louvered, then these shutters are either fixed or movable. Traditionally, shutters have been made from wood but these shutters are liable to rot and split over time. Today, metal and synthetic materials are used along with wood to manufacture exterior hurricane shutters. But each material has its own positives and drawbacks. PVC for example needs a protective coat of paint to prevent it from warping in the sun.

Exterior shutters made from hardwood are more durable and resilient as compared to softwood shutters. Fiberglass is another material for shutters and quite suitable for hurricane protection. It does not bend or warp, has good insulation properties, and does not rot either. If you stay in a place that experiences hot summers and cold winters then choose a material that can maintain dimensional stability under extreme temperatures.