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What are the parts that make up hurricane shutters?

There are a few components common to all hurricane shutters; if you are planning to install these shutters then it would pay to know about them. It becomes necessary to know about the parts that make up hurricane shutters if you plan to install them as a DIY project.

Almost all shutter types lend themselves to do-it-yourself projects and the materials used in the manufacture of the slats or panels are invariably aluminum, wood, steel, or some form of extruded plastic. Once you know the parts that have gone in assembling the hurricane shutters on your property, you can get them from the hardware store in the neighborhood or have them delivered to your home via an online purchase. Be sure to get the dimensions right though.

Storm Panels
• U Channel and Studded Angle
• Aluminum full storm panels
• Aluminum half storm panels
Roll shutters
• Roll up Shutters Medium Motor
• Roll up shutters small motor
• Tracks
• Mount and hood
• Hurricane panels
• Housing rod
• Metal wheels
• Nuts, bolts, screws