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Why are wood Bahama shutters so popular?

If put in a nutshell, then the answer to the question of the popularity of wood Bahama shutters would be that these shutters are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. These have been around for a long time and old time Florida had its landscape dotted with bungalows with beautiful wood Bahama shutters.

It is a known fact that shutters rarely elevate the aesthetics of their surroundings. These are more like a necessity to prevent your property from getting damaged during the hurricane season. This is one of the reasons why many shutter types are removable and not fixed. But this is definitely not the case with Bahama shutters and to some extent colonial shutters. This shutter type looks great on any window. Mahogany, maple, poplar, cedar are just some of the wood types that you can choose from for your shutters. A big advantage with wood Bahama shutters is that they not only protect against hurricanes but also against the elements for the rest of the year. With these shutters in place you don’t need to worry about heat damaging paint and upholstery colors. There won’t be any dust settling anywhere inside and during the cold season you can protect yourself from cold winds with these shutters. By opening the shutter slats you can regulate the amount of sunlight you wish to let in.

These shutters are usually top hinged and open from the inside. This is an advantage because it saves you the bother of having to step out of the house to manage the shutters. You can open them forty-five degrees or with a telescopic arm these can be opened ninety degrees. The arm is usually made of a light aluminum alloy. Bahama shutters can be retrofitted which is an advantage.

Of course, you cannot install these on doors. When installing these shutters try your best to have those shutters that are storm rated.

Many online stores will allow for a great deal of customization of your shutters before you place an order with them. You can choose the wood type, shutter width, inch fraction, and color. Wood Bahama shutters can be installed as a DIY procedure. Or you can approach a contractor to do the job for you.

With proper primer, paint, and chemical treatment wood Bahama shutters can easily withstand the vagaries of nature, sea air, heat and cold. Find out from the manufacturer about the product’s resistance to warping, chipping, and splitting. These are problems associated with wood shutters.