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Why Rolldown Shutters are a Must for Cape Lookout Residents

If you are a resident of Cape Lookout, North Carolina then you know that your property requires hurricane protection. The memories of Hurricane Irene that made landfall here are still raw with the residents. Winds touching 64 miles per hour blew in from the ocean, this was a category 1 hurricane and it caused huge damage from high velocity winds and precipitation. In fact, the rains that lashed the region touched 14 inches at the maximum.

This brings us to the subject of protection from hurricane damage. Different types of hurricane shutters exist in the market but few offer the ease of use and versatility of roll-down shutters. The biggest plus, as you may know, is that of dual protection – from storm damage and theft. If ever you have to face an evacuation, you can leave your premises secure with the knowledge that there are at least two levels of protection for your property – the shutter and the door behind it.

Roll shutters do not require any extra storage and are ideal for those that live right on the beach. The shutters are made from aluminum that is lightweight, sturdy and corrosion resistant. Give your house the security of a fortress and get some energy savings too in the bargain. Protect the insides of your house from variable thermal conditions. It is possible to get rolling shutters that can be kept partially open so that light and air continue to stream in.

Apart from aluminum, you can get rolling shutters made from stainless steel and plastic as well. All types are resistant to corrosion and oxidation from sea breezes.

Hurricane season begins from June, and is almost upon us. If you have not installed rolling shutters as yet, then please do so. The season lasts till November, which is still many a month away.