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Storm-ready in Goldsboro, North Carolina with durable factory-direct accordion shutters

If you live in Goldsboro, North Carolina, you must be feeling the relief that hurricane Dorian took a turn at the last second. That same feeling of panic and uncertainty can be eliminated by investing in quality impact resistant accordion hurricane shutters for your home or business in Goldsboro.   Our accordion shutters are made of high-grade extruded aluminum that will turn your home into a hurricane shelter in a matter of minutes. They are simple to employ.

They easily slide along a horizontal track system and just need to be pulled closed and latched. When a  hurricane or severe storm is heading your way, you can lock down your home and kick your feet up knowing that your home and family are protected. But don’t kick back for too long. Although, your home has been fortified with strong impact accordion shutters, there are still other hurricane preparations that will need to be made.  According to NASA hurricanes are the most violent storms, that’s why it’s necessary to make sure you and your home are fully prepared.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane


Make sure you have stored at least three days of food per person. This food should not require refrigeration or cooking and should preferably be items that have a long shelf life. Items like MRE’s, freeze-dried meals, canned food, jerky peanut butter, and granola bars are great options to keep stored for an emergency

It’s important not to forget about your pets. Make sure you have enough food and water stored for them, also.


Although healthy individuals may be able to go without food for a period of time, this is not the case when it comes to water. It is important to stay hydrated and ideally, you should have one gallon of water a day per person stored. Water purifiers as an emergency back-up for your water kit. There are many types such as microfiltration pumps, iodine tablets, UV purifiers, and even emergency filter straws. 

First Aid

Fill prescription medications prior to a storm and keep them, and all necessary medical accessories, stored in watertight containers.

Emergency first aid kits can be purchased pre-assembled or you can build your own with essential items you know that you will need. Some items you may want to include are your prescriptions, ibuprofen, gauze, tourniquets, eyewash, disinfectant, Band-Aids, tweezers and gloves.

Home Security

Preparing all these items is meaningless if you decide to ride out the storm in a house that has not “storm proof”.   will have to leave your home should your windows break from storm debris causing your roof blows off. Investing in quality impact resistant hurricane shutters will help minimize storm damage and injury during a hurricane.

With over 35 years in the building industry, our customers trust us to deliver the best hurricane shutters and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Visit our website and buy directly from our factory and save! We carry all types of Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved hurricane protection products including: Accordion Hurricane Shutters, Rolling Hurricane ShuttersBahama ShuttersColonial ShuttersAluminum and Clear Storms PanelsHurricane Fabric and Impact-Rated Windows and Doors.

Accordion Shutters Sliding Doors in White

For more information and a free quote on hurricane shutters for your home, please  call us at 888-474-3555 or visit our website to use our online pricing tool. We look forward to providing you with the best shutters and the best online prices  for your home or business in Goldsboro, North Carolina!

Get ready for hurricane season with huge savings on accordion hurricane shutters at factory direct prices

It is finally summertime and families are embarking on fun vacations, the kids are out of school, and people are constantly finding themselves sunbathing at a pool or lounging at the beach. Even with all the relaxation that summer brings, you cannot fully embrace it until you secure your hurricane shutters for this year’s upcoming hurricane season. That’s because with sweet summer comes sour hurricane season right behind it. Lucky for you, and thanks to Empire Construction & Development, you can continue relaxing all summer after just a few clicks on your computer.

Empire Construction & Development is one of the most cutting-edge custom storm shield manufacturers in not only the United States but throughout the world. Empire Construction & Development will ship our hurricane shutters to any location nationwide and even internationally. We are an A-rated company with over 35 years of experience in the construction industry and the manufacturing and sales of storm shutters. In fact, all our storm panels are accepted by the Miami-Dade County product control division, the Florida Building Code, and the International Building Code. We offer a variety of durable storm protection products to our customers, including, roll-down shutters, Bahamas, colonials, clear and aluminum storm panels, and our top-selling accordion hurricane shutters. We sell our storm shutters at factory direct prices which means huge savings on our accordion hurricane shutters and other storm shields and decorative shutters.

Accordion shutters are an effective but sleek way to protect your home or business this season. Our specially engineered shutters are custom designed to fit any size windows, entrances, balconies, and porches on your property. Our popular accordion hurricane shutters are available in white, ivory, beige, and bronze to ensure that they will be an attractive addition to any home or company. As aesthetically appealing as they look, make no mistake, our storm shutters are like armor for your home.

When a hurricane hits, our impact accordion shutters are what you need to protect your property and your loved ones. The extruded durable aluminum slats offer protection against high winds, wind-born debris, pelting rain, and even direct sunlight should you want to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside your home or business. Our shutters also offer an effective deterrent for intruders through the utilization of specially designed tamper-proof keylocks and heavy-duty locking devices at the connection points to safeguard your home or business. Accordion shutters are crafted with durable nylon wheels that allow the shutters to open and close quickly and easily. Our accordion shutters are easy to operate and offer life-time protection for you and your property. In addition, we offer a five-year warranty on all our shutters to guarantee that all our customers are more than satisfied with their purchase.

Two Floors Protection with Accordion Shutters

If you want to relax this summer, check out our summer savings on accordion hurricane shutters  and protect your home or business this upcoming hurricane season without damaging your bank account. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on hurricane shutters or with any other questions you may have. Save today on our accordion hurricane shutters and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is hurricane ready!