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The strong winds of a severe storm gain tremendous energy while on sea and hit the coast with force. This is often forecast up category 3 that carries winds of 130 mph and to face such winds, buying hurricane shutters or panels offers better safety. The buying hurricane shutters or panels comes with the highest safety as the 3 M company invests very heavily up to $ 1 billion in research and development efforts every year. This invariably shows up in the quality of the products, including in buying hurricane shutters or panels for the windows and doors. The company has developed a unique adhesive technology that helps in bonding of structural panels in skyscrapers and the buying hurricane shutters or panels is well suited for application in coastal areas. The breaking of windows under the impact of heavy winds leads to destruction of house and other property. However, the wind-resistant buying hurricane shutters or panels provides lot of security to the homeowners as the debris and wind is trapped without any damage.



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