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 Hurricane Articles

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Gary L. July - 2019 - Island Park, Idaho

You have a great product. The way you shipped it in a big box was so nice.

I was so impressed.  Attached is a picture of the installed shutters.  It was a pleasure to install these Rolling shutters. You guys make it so easy. Thanks again!!


Rodney D. - June - 2019 - Sable, Texas
I received the Bahama Shutters.  Thank you for the quick shipment and for including one put together already so I know how they go up.  Your company service is wonderful and I already have neighbors asking where I got them.

Larry A. - March - 2019 - San Diego, California

I am writing this email to say Thank You to everyone at Empire. I have just finished installing the rolling and accoridon shutters you shipped to me on order 26692. The quality of your product is excellent, and your delivery was shorter than expected. The care that was taken by the people that packaged my shutters is above and beyond, and greatly appreciated. The patience Michael Joiner and his sales team showed me over the weeks I was debating what kind of shutters to by, and from whom, was also greatly appreciated. I would be happy to be a reference here on the West Coast if you should ever want one.  -Larry


Mark P. - February - 2019 - St. Croix. U.S. Virgin Islands
Thanks Empire Construction!  Job well done with no issues.  I really appreciate purchasing your products.  I'm also looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. You guys are the best!!


Judy S. – January – 2019 - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thanks so much for all your help!!  My husband is thrilled with the Rolling Shutters and they look great.


Guven Y. – January – 2019 – Malabar, Florida

Thank you very much for everything.  All of the Bahama Shutters have been hung and they all look great!  They are very quality work and I am getting a lot of inquiries about them.  Thanks again.


Gerald B – December – 2018 - Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

The Rolling Shutters are up and running and fit perfectly.  They appear to be a very high quality product.

Thank you.

Jan T – November – 2018 – Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Barbara, I just wanted to tell you the storm panels went up very nicely and you sent me all the proper panels. I'll be ordering the panels for the rest of the house after the holidays. Thank you again for your assistance and it was a pleasure working with you.

Mike G. - October - 2018 - Port Charlotte, Florida

Excellent Product!   Thank you Ryan.   Please pass my thanks along to Bill and the rest of the team as well.   I am really impressed with the system we received.   Thank you all for continuing that quality product with good support.

Robert H. - September - 2018 - Beaufort, South Carolina

My Accordion Shutters are up!   The windows took about 1.5 hours each. The shutters all fit very nicely, the material and finish is excellent, and they look very good. They are not intrusive at all.  I am pleased, my wife is pleased ( you know that is important) and my neighbor, who helped me was impressed based upon his window/door experience.
Good job! Thanks.

Marcus J. - August - 2018 - St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

Hello everyone at Empire, Marcus from St. John here. 
This project is being done by me and 1 helper, and we're going back much stronger, with many more tap cons, and wedge anchors than the original installers had done.
Your rolling shutters are amazing, great quality and workmanship. Everything is going great so far!

David G. - July - 2018 - Sarasota, Florida

We wanted to self-install so we bought accordions and roll downs from Empire Construction.  We measured our window and patio and sent Empire the specs.  The shutters were an exact match.  Installation is very doable for two reasonably mechanical people.  In this case it was only one mechanical person and some extra hands. The accordions were a breeze as installation was mostly marking holes for spots, drilling holes, and screwing them in.  Our accordions have locking pins that hold them open and act as a second lock when closed. Even if a projectile breaks the lock the rods will keep the shutters closed.  These shutters are Bertha HV1. They are High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved. Having seen a wide range of shutters we are extremely happy with the quality of the product we received!!

Jim J. - June - 2018 - Homestead
, Florida

I installed fourteen aluminum accordion shutters which I purchased from Empire Construction.  I could not be happier with my choice.  The shutters are made very well and are powder-coated.  The purchase included all of the required hardware which was powder-coated to match the shutters.
  The company is very customer-oriented.  Michael and his staff were wonderful.  They were attentive, helpful, and a delight to work with.  The installation video on the website made the installation  very easy. I highly recommend Empire Construction to anyone considering a purchase of hurricane shutters.  Thanks again.  Please say Hi to everyone,

Steffan L. - May - 2018 - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Florida

I picked up my shipment today at Paradise freight here on St Croix. Your shipping (and your products) deserves the highest rating. Thanks for excellent service..

Accordions : 3 - 4 Weeks
Bahamas & Colonials : 4 Weeks
Clear Panels : 10 Days
Hurricane Fabric : 2 Weeks
Rolling Shutters : 4 Weeks
Storm Panels : 10 Days




  Hurricane Shutters made in the USA

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