Roll-Down Shutter Installation Overview
  1. Lay rolling shutter on the ground. Make sure the shutters is flat and on a clean surface with ears up.
  2. Measure box and it should be 8 longer than the opening. The tracks should be the same.
  3. Put the guide rails at the bottom of the housing box and turn the shutter. Place the shutter up against the wall.
  4. Place the shutter over the window at the proper height and equal distance on each side of the shutter by securing the top guide rail hole.
  5. Keep the shutter in place, square and level up the rolling shutter. Mark the location of the other guide rail holes.
  6. Make sure shutter is being held flush against the wall. Mark a vertical along side of the control side end cap and the guide rail. Mark a horizontal mark at the point where the control side guide rail meets the end cap and also make a mark at the top of the end cap. Remove the support and carefully lower the shutter to a flat surface.
  7. On the vertical line you just made, measure in toward the window 5/8". If the shutter is a top exit, measure down from the top line 3/4".
  8. Once the shutter is being mounted on a block or brick surface, drill appropriate holes where marked, to insert anchors to local code.
  9. Drill the 3/4" control hole pay attention when drilling the hole. Control hole must be drilled perfectly straight and level.
  10. Feed through the end of the strap through the control hole.
  11. Fasten the rolling shutter to the block wall, plumb and make sure it is level.
  12. From the inside of the wall check the strap for proper clearance.
  13. Remove the spare strap around the housing box and allow the shutter profile to lower into the U-channel and lock into place. Remove the front cover and secure the housing box to the wall with 2 or more flat head screws.
    Lay the crank box on a flat surface. Remove the cover and take out the large nylon gear. Thread the strap through the end of the gear and tie a secure knot in the end of the strap and then pull on the strap to return the knot into the cavity in the side of the gear. Install electrical motors. Replace the cover and secure with screws.
  15. Position he crank box, Run electrical wires into the sofit. Have licensed electrical contractor hook up hard wires. Mark where each of the screw holes will be. Move the operator away and install anchors if necessary. Replace the operator and secure to the wall with the appropriate color screws.
  16. Roll the shutter up and down several times, making sure that it works. Check and make sure that when the shutter is in the full down position, that it is lock into place.
  17. Roll the shutter all the way up and replace the font cover. Caulk all the exterior edges (guide rails, side and top of box and u-channel). Be careful when caulking the control side of the box that caulking does not get on the strap. Remove the protective film from the front cover. Install deco caps in each guide rail.

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