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Safety, Security and Sanity with Hurricane Storm Shutters
We’ve all seen the photos, newsflashes and special reports. When a Hurricane is bearing down on a city or town’s coastline residents scramble to board up their windows and glass doors to protect from winds that can vary between 60-150 miles per hour. Large debris from garbage cans, tree limbs any other manner of debris can cause serious damage to property.
Since the advent of hurricane shutters, homeowners and property owners alike have been given a proactive in protecting their investment. Shutters are relatively low-cost, easy to install and even an aesthetically appealing way of protecting one’s property from the dangers of a tropical storm. But shutters can also offer another type of protection. Security.
It is natural to be concerned over the security of one’s family and worldly possessions. With population growth, tough economic times and technology outpacing itself, the security of one’s home and possessions is becoming amore and more of an issue.  Families shouldn’t be afraid of leaving the home behind when they attempt to enjoy traveling or vacation. One shouldn’t have to worry about such things, but the reality is, the threat is real.
Burglars prey on homes left empty by vacationing families and traveling homeowners. Beyond just simple possessions that can be sold for profit, a craftier thief is finding more interesting ways of stealing from you. Bills, invoices, tax returns and other financial information can be poured through and used to steal an individual identity by even the most common criminal. This information can be bought and sold leaving the homeowner the victim.
Business owners deal with a greater threat. Leaving stores or offices after business hours can leave them susceptible to theft every single night. Profit loss can be doubled with the need to repair damage or loss of product. Paperwork can also be compromised as well.
Windows and glass doors are the easiest point of entry to any home or business. They also offer a peak into the lives of homeowners and business owners, allowing potential thieves to pick and choose their targets.
Shutter installation can protect your home or business from criminal attack when left empty over a span of time due to traveling or simply closing up shop at night. Shuttering your home or business adds security along with the basic weather protection it offers.
Hurricane shutters aren’t just tailored made for protecting your home from weather damage they can offer protection from security dangers as well making it a cost effective investment for any home or business. A sound investment for some peace of mind,