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December 4, 2012

The 2012 Atlantic Basin hurricane season was the most active since 1851.  For the third year in a row there were 19 named storms - four of which, Tropical Storms Beryl and Debby and Hurricanes Issac and Sandy, made landfall on the coastal United States.

Not only was 2012 active, but it was filled with oddities!

On Memorial Day weekend, Tropical Storm Beryl soaked northern Florida, ending a long-running drought and serving as a harbinger of floods to come with successive storms.

In June, Hurricane Chris strengthened to a hurricane in the North Atlantic, far from the western Caribbean where early hurricanes usually form.  Tropical Storm Debby provided forecasters with a challenge when it came to predicting her track through the Gulf of Mexico.  Debby finally made landfall near Steinhatchee, Florida, much further east than originally predicted.

After no activity in July, the month of August saw Hurricane Issac persist with winds for over two days, producing a storm surge that flooded parts of southern Louisiana and causing an 8 inch rise in the Mississippi River.

September saw Nadine form in the Tropical Atlantic and spend almost 22 days whirling around as a tropical cyclone - the 5th longest tropical cyclone on record.  Nadine affected the Azores and strengthened to a hurricane 3 separate times.

In October, the north Atlantic coast of the United States saw the devastating enormity of Sandy and her tropical storm force sustained winds that spanned a diameter of 932 miles, more than double the size of recent hurricanes Issac and Irene.

What have we learned from all of these occurrences?  Possibly that we should expect the unexpected.

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August 1, 2012  

The National Hurricane Service tells us that we are now entering the "heart of the hurricane season". 

Consider this - 93% of major hurricanes occur during this time - August to October.

Of the top ten costliest hurricanes in the United States, 9 of them have occured from August through October. -  Irene (August 2011), Andrew  (August 1992), Ike (September 2008) and Katrina (August 2005).

Why are these months so active?  To simplify - atomospheric conditions are more favorable over a much larger expanse of the Atlantic Basin in these peak months as opposed to the early part of the season.  In June tropical disturbance formation zones are confined to the Gulf of Mexico, western Caribbean, or southeast coast of the United States.  Storms don't have far to go before reaching land.  From July into August, the formation zone spreads east until the "main development region" from the Lesser Antilles to just off Africa heats up.  Tropical easterly waves off Africa become more vigorous and well-defined and sea-surface temps, having spent the entire summer soaking up the sun's energy, cause a marked increase in tropical cyclone activiity.

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May 1, 2012

Forecasters predict a "near normal' Atlantic Hurricane season beginning June 1, 2012


A "near normal" 2012 would see a least a dozen tropical storms and two major hurricanes.   

A variety of climate conditions are starting to change in ways that will make the development of major storm less favorable. 

Water temps off the coast of Africa and into the Caribbean are lower. 

Additionally, trade winds blowing across the Atlantic are stronger than normal, causing more wave activity, which helps to keep the water cooler. 

La Nina, running along the coast of South America, is just about finished.  A different current, El Nino, is expected to begin this fall, creating strong winds that shear off the tops of hurricanes. 

Despite all these changes, forecasters say the United States could still experience a major hurricane or even a hurricane of a different type called a "home grown" storm which develops from a stalled cold front near the coast.

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December 2, 2011

Active Trend Continues

The Colorado State University Meteorology Project and NOAA's National Hurricane Center report that the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season produced a total of 19 tropical storms of which 7 became hurricanes, including 3 major hurricanes.  This level of activity continues the trend of active hurricane seasons that began in 1995.  The 19 tropical storms represent the third-highest total (tied with 1887, 1995, and 2010) and is well above the average of 11.

Hurricane Irene was the lone hurricane to make landfall in the United States and it was the most significant hurricane to strike the Northeast since Hurricane Bob in 1991.  This season was a reminder that storms can hit any part of our coast and that all regions need to be prepared each and every season.

Hurricane Irene is an example of increasing accuracy in forecasting storm track.  Landfall in eastern North Carolina and paths northward were accurately predicted more than 4 days in advance by NOAA's National Hurricane Center.

Forecasters agree that although the 2011 hurricane season has ended, the need to prepare for disasters has not.  Whether your needs are weather related or security concerns, contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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April 6, 2011

Above Average 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected

The Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project predicts that the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season has the potential to be quite active.  The forecasters expect to see approximately 16 named storms, 9 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes (category 3 or higher featuring sustained winds of 111 mph or greater) during the 2011 season.  The forecasters predict a 72% probability of at least one major hurricane landfall on the entire U.S. coastline.

Landfall probabilies for other coastal areas: 


U.S. East Coast including peninsula Florida: 48%

Gulf Coast form the Florida Panhandle westward to Brownsville, Tx: 47%


Caribbean Basin: 61%

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December 2010

The Colorado State Tropical Meteorology Project has issued its summary of 2010 Atlantic Basin hurricane activity.  Some highlights are as follows:

Nineteen named storms occurred during 2010.  Since 1944, only 1995 (19) and 2005 (28) have had the same or more named storms.

Twelve hurricanes occurred in 2010.  Since 1944, only two seasons, 1969 (12) and 2005 (15) have had the same or more hurricanes in a single season.

Five major hurricanes formed during the 2010 hurricane season.  Since 1944, only seven seasons (1950, 1955, 1961,1964, 1996, 2004, and 2005) have had more than five major hurricanes form.

No Category 5 hurricanes developed in 2010.  This is the third consecutive year with no Cat 5 hurricanes.

Eleven named storms formed between August 22 and September 29.  This is the most named storms to form during this period, breaking the old record of nine named storms set in 1933, 1949, 1984 and 2002. 

Four Category 4 hurricanes (Danielle, Earl, Igor, and Julia) formed in the Atlantic between August 27 and September 15 (20 days).  This is the shortest time span on record for four Cat 4 hurricanes to develop, breaking the old record of 24 days set in 1999.

Only one tropical storm made U.S. landfall this year (Bonnie).

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October 2010

 The Colorado State Tropical Meteorology Project reports that conditions in the Atlantic remain very favorable for continued activity for the remainder of the 2010 hurricane season.

Sea surface temperatures are running a near-record highs due to anomalies that developed over the spring months due to a very weak Azores High and a consequent reduction in the strength of the trade winds.  Summer sea level level pressure anomalies have been well below average  throughout the tropical Atlantic, feeding back into continued reduced trade wind strength.  This positive feedback has helped to keep tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures at very warm levels.


A very warm tropical Atlantic combined with a likely moderate La Nina event will lead to continued activity for the remainder of the hurricane season.

Be prepared!  Call us at 954-474-3557 or 1-888-474-3555 for a free quote on hurricane shutters.


Consumer Alert!

Attorney General Bill McCollum issued the following consumer advisory warning in September:

Don't be fooled by window film companies that are selling their products to homeowners as"hurricane protection".  The International Hurricane Protection Association (IHPA) has determined that aggressive sales tactics may have misled some homeowners to believe that the film has been approved for residential use.  The Florida Building Code compliant forms of hurricane protection contain no approval(s) for film applied to a residential structure.  Additionally, some window film companies are also falsely claiming that by purchasing the window film for residential use, the homeowner will be eligible for an insurance discount.  In reality, the insurance industry may not recognize the discount because the film does not meet the standards for use in a residential home.

Consumers can verify all product approvals and the corresponding number at: and/or

Empire Construction offers only Florida Building Code compliant forms of hurricane protection.  See us for all your hurricane protection needs.


April 7, 2010:  2010 Atlantic Hurricane Seasonal Update

The Colorado State Tropical Meteorology Project has increased its predictions for the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season.  There will be significantly more activity than the average 1950-2000 season with 15 named storms, 75 named storm days, about 8 hurricanes, 35 hurricane days, 4 major (Category 3-4-5) hurricanes, and 10 major hurricane days.

Current moderate El Nino conditions are expected to transition to neutral conditions. The weakening El Nino conditions combined with a very strong anomalous warming of the tropical Atlantic are the primary reasons the project is increasing its forecast.

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December 2009: 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season Early Predictions

The hurricane season forecast from Colorado State University's Tropical Meteorology Project predicts above-average activity in the Atlantic for 2010 beginning June 1st.

The December 2009 report estimates approximately 11-16 named storms, 6-8 hurricanes and 3-5 major hurricanes occurring during the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, which is more typical of years in an active era, such as the 1995 season.  The forecast utilizes a statistical methodology derived from 58 years of past data and climate-related global and regional predictors.  The effects of El Nino or La Nina also have an impact on the frequency of hurricanes.  El Nino creates warmer water, and stronger winds that rip topical depressions apart before they become tropical storms or hurricanes.  La Nina creates cooler water, resulting in more hurricanes.  Based on these facts, it is forecasted that El Nino conditions now in effect will weaken.

The early forecast for the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season issued in December can been seen as a good estimate of future storm activity.  This is the 27th year that the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project has released a hurricane season forecast.  The team is now utilizing a new statistical forecast methodology for early December predictions, in hopes of increasing the skill and accuracy of the report.

Seasonal updates of the 2010 hurricane season are due out on April 7th, June 2nd, and August 4th of 2010.



 2009 Hurricane Season kind to the U.S., pleasing insurance companies and property owners alike!


Forecasters told us that global weather patterns are imposing a greater uncertainty in the 2009 hurricane season and as the season draws to an end we see that the actuality of the number of storms falls well below the predictions.  Forecasters give two reasons for the relatively quiet season in the Atlantic basin:

1.  The mid-latitude westerly winds were much farther south than normal and this southward displacement caused three upper level wind features across the Gulf Caribbean and Atlantic to also be shifted south.

2.  El Nino unfolded and became more prominent through summer and fall, resulting in increased west wind shear across the Caribbean and southwest tropical Atlantic and an anomalous sinking motion across the same area.  Neither of these favored tropical cyclone development. 

The following is a list of the nine named storms and two tropical depressions the Atlantic Basin has experienced so far in the 2009 hurricane season:

#1  Tropical Depression #1            May 28-29     35 mph

#2  Tropical Storm Ana                 Aug. 11-17     40mph

#3  Hurricane Bill                         Aug. 15-24    135 mph

#4  Tropical Storm Claudette         Aug. 16-18      50 mph

#5  Tropical Storm Danny             Aug. 26-29       60 mph

#6  Tropical Storm Erika               Sept. 1-4         60 mph

#7  Hurricane Fred                      Sept. 7-12      120 mph

#8  Tropical Depression #8           Sept. 25-26      35 mph

#9  Tropical Storm Grace              Oct. 5-6          70 mph

#10 Tropical Storm Henri              Oct. 6-8           50 mph

#11 Hurricane Ida                       Nov. 4-10        105 mph

The greatest defense against the unpredictability of any hurricane season is preparedness.  Take action now!  Make sure your home is hurricane proof.


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Tyler M. - September -2020 - Manteo, North Carolina

The Accordion Shutter project wrapped up finally this morning.  Did the final walkthrough, just wanted to let you all know it all went well.  As last time, it was a pleasure to work with you all.  I appreciate the attention to detail with shipping.  Hopefully I will be able to snag a few more projects like this one the in the future.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I look forward to working with you all again.  Let me know if you would like any photos.

Debra H. - August - 2020 - Tortola, British Virgin Islands

I wish to thank the Empire Construction team for efficiently and effectively processing my last order of accordion and rolling shutters.  I will be placing another order soon!

Cary A.  - July - 2020 - North Port, Florida

I would like to compliment your company on a great product, and your labeling.  It was very easy for me to install.  Thanks again!

Mark M. - May - 2020 - Surfside Beach, South Carolina
Hi Elizabeth,  I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today. Everything looks great!  I will not hesitate to recommend Empire, I am very satisfied with the whole ordering  process. Thank you for the excellent service and product.

Mike A. - April - 2020 - Daytona Beach, Florida

Michael, Bill and staff, Thank you for all your help with re-setting the Rolling Shutter I purchased from you.  It is back up and runnning with the limits set.
You’ve been very helpful as usual

Lew G. - March - 2020 - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Thanks again for your advice, technical support, and for all your help and Michael's help.  You gave the best customer service and helped me find the best product for my needs.  You guys have been awesome and thank you for putting up with me!!

Douglas C. - January - 2020 - The Villages, Florida

First let me express how pleased I am with my new rolling shutters and how the whole process was handled.  I received the shipment nicely packed with no damage to the contents. The assembly and mounting went very well and the end product fit perfectly, works very well and looks great!

Doc and Christy B. October - 2019 - Waynesville, Georgia

Hello again, it’s Christy B from Waynesville, Georgia.

My husband and I have installed 6 out of the 9 roll shutters and we cannot say enough about them!  The quality and workmanship is excellent, the shipping packaging was quite satisfactory and the fit is perfect.  The shutters roll nicely and the installation video on your website is what we went by.  After the first one’s learning curve, the rest have been no problem at all!
We hope that you get some additional orders from up here as several of our friends and neighbors plus a local general contractor are anxious to check the shutters out.  Our daughter in St. Augustine is jealous.....their subdivision builder used window storm panels and she hates manhandling them and storing them. 
Thank you Liz, Barbara, Mike, Bill and the rest of the staff.  We are very, very pleased that we chose your product to protect our home.


Matthew B. - September - 2019 - Long Island, Bahamas

Your Rolling Shutters are an Amazing Product!  Thank you so very much.  Wonderful service from beginning to end.  Much appreciated.

Gary L. July - 2019 - Island Park, Idaho

You have a great product. The way you shipped it in a big box was so nice.

I was so impressed.  Attached is a picture of the installed shutters.  It was a pleasure to install these Rolling shutters. You guys make it so easy. Thanks again!!


Rodney D. - June - 2019 - Sable, Texas
I received the Bahama Shutters.  Thank you for the quick shipment and for including one put together already so I know how they go up.  Your company service is wonderful and I already have neighbors asking where I got them.

Larry A. - March - 2019 - San Diego, California

I am writing this email to say Thank You to everyone at Empire. I have just finished installing the rolling and accoridon shutters you shipped to me on order 26692. The quality of your product is excellent, and your delivery was shorter than expected. The care that was taken by the people that packaged my shutters is above and beyond, and greatly appreciated. The patience Michael Joiner and his sales team showed me over the weeks I was debating what kind of shutters to by, and from whom, was also greatly appreciated. I would be happy to be a reference here on the West Coast if you should ever want one.  -Larry


Mark P. - February - 2019 - St. Croix. U.S. Virgin Islands
Thanks Empire Construction!  Job well done with no issues.  I really appreciate purchasing your products.  I'm also looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future. You guys are the best!!


Judy S. – January – 2019 - Cocoa Beach, Florida

Thanks so much for all your help!!  My husband is thrilled with the Rolling Shutters and they look great.


Guven Y. – January – 2019 – Malabar, Florida

Thank you very much for everything.  All of the Bahama Shutters have been hung and they all look great!  They are very quality work and I am getting a lot of inquiries about them.  Thanks again.


Gerald B – December – 2018 - Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

The Rolling Shutters are up and running and fit perfectly.  They appear to be a very high quality product.

Thank you.

Jan T – November – 2018 – Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Barbara, I just wanted to tell you the storm panels went up very nicely and you sent me all the proper panels. I'll be ordering the panels for the rest of the house after the holidays. Thank you again for your assistance and it was a pleasure working with you.

Mike G. - October - 2018 - Port Charlotte, Florida

Excellent Product!   Thank you Ryan.   Please pass my thanks along to Bill and the rest of the team as well.   I am really impressed with the system we received.   Thank you all for continuing that quality product with good support.

Robert H. - September - 2018 - Beaufort, South Carolina

My Accordion Shutters are up!   The windows took about 1.5 hours each. The shutters all fit very nicely, the material and finish is excellent, and they look very good. They are not intrusive at all.  I am pleased, my wife is pleased ( you know that is important) and my neighbor, who helped me was impressed based upon his window/door experience.
Good job! Thanks.

Marcus J. - August - 2018 - St. John, U.S Virgin Islands

Hello everyone at Empire, Marcus from St. John here. 
This project is being done by me and 1 helper, and we're going back much stronger, with many more tap cons, and wedge anchors than the original installers had done.
Your rolling shutters are amazing, great quality and workmanship. Everything is going great so far!

David G. - July - 2018 - Sarasota, Florida

We wanted to self-install so we bought accordions and roll downs from Empire Construction.  We measured our window and patio and sent Empire the specs.  The shutters were an exact match.  Installation is very doable for two reasonably mechanical people.  In this case it was only one mechanical person and some extra hands. The accordions were a breeze as installation was mostly marking holes for spots, drilling holes, and screwing them in.  Our accordions have locking pins that hold them open and act as a second lock when closed. Even if a projectile breaks the lock the rods will keep the shutters closed.  These shutters are Bertha HV1. They are High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved. Having seen a wide range of shutters we are extremely happy with the quality of the product we received!!

Jim J. - June - 2018 - Homestead
, Florida

I installed fourteen aluminum accordion shutters which I purchased from Empire Construction.  I could not be happier with my choice.  The shutters are made very well and are powder-coated.  The purchase included all of the required hardware which was powder-coated to match the shutters.
  The company is very customer-oriented.  Michael and his staff were wonderful.  They were attentive, helpful, and a delight to work with.  The installation video on the website made the installation  very easy. I highly recommend Empire Construction to anyone considering a purchase of hurricane shutters.  Thanks again.  Please say Hi to everyone,

Steffan L. - May - 2018 - St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, Florida

I picked up my shipment today at Paradise freight here on St Croix. Your shipping (and your products) deserves the highest rating. Thanks for excellent service..

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