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Security Shutters for Florida Residents
We all know that shutters are used to prevent windows against the effects of high winds, rain, and flying objects during a storm, but there are other benefits to having your home custom-fit for security shutters. How do security shutters keep your home safe? Part of owning a home is making sure that it is safe from unwanted intruders, whether you are at home or on vacation. The windows are the focal point of  the home, and the window treatments on them have a great deal to do with how easily accessible your home is. One of the most reliable methods to prevent and discourage intruders is to install quality security shutters. They are so valuable to you, in fact, that some insurance companies reduce your homeowner’s insurance fees when you install security shutters on your home.  Installing security shutters to your home also adds to its’ intrinsic value.
Just a few of the benefits of security shutters for Florida residents:
  • Secures against break-ins
  • Protection from hurricanes and other types of storms
  • Protection against extreme temperatures and the damaging sun fade that comes with it
  • Reduces annoying outside noise
  • Potential savings on homeowner’s insurance
Security shutters are great for both single-family homes or multi-family ones, if you live in a  condominium and/or a high-rise. Security shutters have a clean, consistent look and the sleek European styling blends beautifully with your home’s architecture. Each security shutter is custom designed and engineered to each specific opening at your home or business. They can be specifically produced to effectively protect very large window or door openings, and our security shutters also come with an all-important manual over-ride for those times when the electricity is down.
Our security shutters feature these design benefits:
  • Sleek European-type styling
  • Innovative technologies
  • Custom designed to your home or business
  • Custom engineered for your home or business
  • Available in white, ivory, bronze, and beige
  • Manual or motorized with important manual over-ride
When seeking the ultimate in home protection, the perceptive and savvy buyer knows that security shutters are the perfect choice. They protect your home in myriad ways, add to your home’s value, and may even save you money on insurance fees.