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What are the benefits of hurricane shutters?
Hurricane shutters can provide important safety for your home and valuables during a storm or hurricane.  Some insurance companies refuse to cover damage over a certain amount in homes that are not protected with shutters.  There are multiple styles of hurricane shutters available to match an individuals home design and window sizes.
Accordion style hurricane shutters are useful in areas that are curved and have any type of exterior construction.  They are installed with a bottom and top track which they slide along to lock and close.  While these shutters are not the most attractive they are able to be operated from inside or outside a residence or business.  Space is required on either end of the track to sack the shutters when they are not in use.  In addition to storm protection, they can provide protection from looting after the storm as well as at night.
Bahama and colonial shutters are able to be installed on homes that are currently being constructed or already exist.  Many colors are available making them visually appealing to your home.  Some individuals have colonial style shutters installed in non-hurricane areas to add to the charm of their home.  Sizes can vary based upon home construction and several other factors.  They are in the middle of the price range and can control some of the light and sound which enters into the home.  Bahamas style shutters are those that push out from the windows while colonial style shutters are those that are on the sides on the windows.
Rolling style shutters are one of the more popular types of shutters.  They are the most expensive to purchase as well as have installed.  Both existing homes and businesses can have rolling shutters installed.  These shutter systems can either be automatic or manual.  Automatic rolling shutters are almost impossible to open without power during a power outage following a storm protecting your valuables inside.  They also provide better damage prevention due to their heavier metal coating.  These types of systems can be quite expensive to retrofit into existing buildings that do not have enough space.
According, Bahama, Colonial, and Rolling style shutters all protect homes and businesses from the wrath of a hurricane or tropical storm.  However, the price that you pay may increase the quality of the product.  Hurricane shutters are being required for coverage by some insurers.  Depending upon the style selected they only cost a small fraction of what all of your valuable belongings would.