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Do You Need Hurricane Shutters in Brownsville, Texas?

Texas is all big, open spaces, desert-like, with tumbling tumbleweeds and lowing cattle, isn’t it? Texas doesn’t get hit by hurricanes, does it? So a lot of people would say that no, you don’t need hurricane shutters there.

And most people would be wrong.

Unlike the Texas you frequently see on television, Texas has more coastline than desert. That means hurricanes do hit the state, and more often than you think. Texas is frequently affected by hurricanes and other tropical storms and their remains. This is because Texas is positioned along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, and also because it is in the path of re-curvature of tropical cyclones from the eastern Pacific Ocean. In fact, in the last ten years, Texas has been struck by more than 20 hurricanes, remnants of hurricanes, and tropical storms.

Just this year, in fact, when the first hurricane of the year roared ashore in Mexico, the forecast had been for it to hit Brownsville, Texas. Instead, the Category 2 Hurricane Alex hit about 100 miles south of Brownsville. That doesn’t mean there was no damage in Texas, however: More than 100 families were forced to take shelter in a Brownsville high school and ride out the storm.

So the correct answer is: Yes, you do need hurricane or roll-down shutters in Brownsville, Texas.

Hurricane shutters protect you and your home from the devastating effects of the tropical storm or hurricane. If you’re worried about putting up and taking down hurricane shutters every time a new storm is spotted, don’t be: Many shutters are designed to stay on your windows, year-round. Not only are hurricane shutters practical, many of them are attractive. There are many different kinds:

    • Bahama shutters add exotic island flair, permanent shade protection, and excellent storm protection.
    • Rolling shutters are very convenient, and can be rolled down with the touch of a switch. And if the power goes out, they have a manual crank that can be used to roll them down over the windows.
    • Accordion shutters are ideal for people that do not want to fuss with putting up storm panels and want something easier and more convenient.
    • Colonial Shutters offer convenient storm protection with a distinct architectural flair that reminds you of antebellum homes in the old south.
  • If you live in Texas, what kind of hurricane shutter you choose isn’t as important as making sure that you have them installed on your home. With new advances in technology, there’s less chance of a hurricane catching you off guard, but new technology can’t protect your home from high winds and driving rain. Install your hurricane shutters today.