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Bahama Shutters on your Charleston South Carolina Home

Charleston is the oldest city in the state of South Carolina and the second largest city in the state. It’s known as The Holy City because of the amount of churches and church steeples seen on the skyline, and also because it was one of the few cities in the founding thirteen colonies to supply and tout religious tolerance. The city is on a peninsula, and Charleston residents say, tongue in cheek, that the Ashley and Cooper Rivers come together there to form the Atlantic Ocean. The area is low and floods easily during heavy or prolonged rain and from storm surge.

Hurricanes are a major threat to the Charleston area, with several severe hurricanes hitting the area in recent years. Hurricane Hugo did major damage to the Charleston area, as it was a Category 4 storm. Tornadoes in the outer edges of the hurricanes are also a problem; Charleston has a history with them, as well. The city was once hit by a large tornado that, unbelievably, emptied the Ashley River, and then sank five ships anchored off the shore.

If you have a Charleston home, hurricane shutters are essential for your home; hurricane shutters can withstand high winds and help prevent the flying debris that makes your home susceptible to storm damage and elements. They keep out rain and wind, and give you one more barrier against the storm. Bahama shutters are a good choice if you are installing hurricane shutters. They are economical, and have other advantages as well:

    Appearance and beauty – They’re available in a wide array of color choices, and can be made to match any color home, blending effortlessly and beautifully with the style and architecture.
    Security and protection – The louvers of Bahama shutters let soft, indirect light air into your home while protecting your valuable furnishings from the sun’s damaging rays. The arms and locking pins on Bahama shutters also let you close them quickly and securely closing when a hurricane or a storm is on the way. You can use them to close the shutters at night to increase the security of your home or business, as well.
    Strength and durability – The aluminum slats are strong and durable, and the coatings and stainless steel hardware of Bahama shutters are made to stand up to the tough environmental conditions of the coastal area. Bahama shutters are made to meet the standards of impact missile resistance and wind resistance needed during hurricanes and tropical storms.

No matter what kind of hurricane shutter you choose, if you live in Charleston, you should install them. They increase the chances of riding out a storm safely, and they help keep damage to a minimum.