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Novia Scotia Storm Shutters

Nova Scotia has been described as Canada’s ocean playground, and the sea is a major influence on both Nova Scotia’s economy and her climate. Nearly surrounded by the ocean, sailing has always been a major player in the area. In fact, Nova Scotia became a world leader in both building and owning wooden sailing ships in the second half of the 20th century. And Nova Scotia’s cold winters and warm summers climate is tempered by the nearness of the ocean. Travel and tourism in Nova Scotia is also very much a leading component of the economy. The beautiful coastline and wooded countryside draw in travelers, and the area collects millions of dollars in revenue each year from it.

Because of their extensive coastline, Nova Scotia is also endangered by tropical storms and hurricanes. Right now, in fact, Tropical Storm Earl is pounding the area. The storm reached the eastern Canadian coast, after a rapid acceleration, and has maximum sustained winds estimated at 111 km/hr. It’s unsure as yet whether the storm accelerated to hurricane strength when it made landfall, but it still did plenty of damage. The wind battered the coast, storm surge caused flooding, and there were more than 70,000 reports of power cuts.

Smart homeowners along the coast have put storm shutters on their windows and doors. Hurricane shutters can be custom made to fit any window opening, reducing draft and increasing [protection against the storm. When a tropical storm or hurricane hits, there is always a lot of window breakage and shattered doors, and hurricane shutters protect your home from this damage. In addition, there may be pressure build up inside your home during storms, causing your roof to blow off and your walls to collapse instantly. Pressure changes during a hurricane can literally tear your home apart.

There are many types of storm shutters you can add to your home, and the cost is low compared to the repairs you will pay for if you don’t install them. Also, most insurance companies will give you a break on your insurance if you install shutters, reducing the cost of installation even further.

All the following types of storm shutters stay up year-round, reducing the time needed to hurricane-proof your home.

    Bahama shutters fasten at the top and are very much used in tropical areas. They add island flair to your home.
    Colonial shutters add a little old-world Southern style and are a very popular type. They are built of two sections.
    Accordion shutters are a popular style, and are relatively inexpensive. The shutters fold out accordion-style (hence the name) and are fastened to a housing on the window when closed.
    Roll-down shutters are the most convenient type of storm shutter. One touch of a button and they roll down and cover your windows, and you can make your entire home storm-ready in minutes. They also come with a manual option in case of power outages.

No matter what type of hurricane shutter you use, if you live in Nova Scotia they are an excellent addition to your house. They’re the smart way to protect your home and property from damage.