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Hurricane Shutters in Atlantic City New Jersey

Atlantic City is a city in New Jersey and a resort city. It’s well known for the gambling, shopping and fine dining that it provides its visitors. It’s a beach town, right on the coast, and Atlantic City, New Jersey has seen hurricanes and the remnants of several once-powerful hurricanes, some resulting in heavy damage. Historically, the area has seen many tropical storms and hurricane damage, and numerous hurricanes that remained offshore have each drowned numbers of swimmers.

A strong Category 2 or weak Category 3 hurricane sunk or beached many ships near Atlantic City when it hit there, causing heavy damage near the shore. The most severe hurricane historically was the 1944 Great Atlantic Hurricane. Though it didn’t make landfall, its strong winds and tide surge on the coastline destroyed hundreds of homes.

Hurricane Gloria paralleled the New Jersey coastline just offshore as a Category 2 hurricane. The hurricane forced 95,000 citizens to evacuate, while eleven casinos in Atlantic City closed down, resulting in a loss of $7 million in revenue. That’s not counting the damage done to homes and businesses, merely what the casinos lost.

If you live in Atlantic City, having hurricane shutters added to your home is a smart idea. The professional installation of hurricane rated Rolling shutters, Bahama shutters, Colonial shutters, or Accordion shutters for homes and businesses is the best thing that you can do to protect your home. Hurricanes can cause devastating damage, and permanent shutters are a barrier against the storm.

Hurricane shutters:

Protect you and your home against high winds – Hurricane shutters are wind-rated, and can withstand high winds. They are tested for this, and are much more safe than temporary shutters nailed up when a storm is on the way.

Keep dangerous and abrupt pressure changes from damaging your home – When your home is breached or a window is broken, the abrupt pressure changes inside your home can actually tear a hole in your roof or rip entire walls off. Temporary shutters can come off easily, but permanent shutters protect you and keep those pressure changes from destroying your home.

Keep debris thrown at high speeds from tearing through windows and doors – Hurricane shutters are missile impact tested, and can be counted on to keep out wind, rain, and anything thrown by the storm. Even a Category 1 hurricane can have gusts well over 100 miles per hour, and when objects are thrown at this speed at unprotected windows and doors, not only does it tear a hole in your structure, it can injure people inside the home.

Hurricane shutters are essential for protecting homes in areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. Atlantic City definitely falls into this category, and smart homeowners will add hurricane shutters to their homes today.