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West Palm Beach Impact Hurricane Windows

West Palm Beach is a well known night time hotspot, and people come from all over the country to visit there. It has everything you want in a vacation site – warm, sunny weather, palm trees everywhere, a historic district and shopping district, and access to the water anytime you want it. It’s like heaven on earth to visit West Palm. But if you live there year round, you know that you must be prepared for hurricanes and tropical storms. Paradise comes with a price, and that price is the yearly hurricane season.

Hurricanes come in five categories:

Category One Hurricanes (Sustained winds 74-95 mph)
Very dangerous winds will produce some damage. People, livestock, and pets struck by flying or falling debris could be injured or killed.

Category Two Hurricanes (Sustained winds 96-110 mph)
Extremely dangerous winds will cause extensive damage. There is a substantial risk of injury or death to people, livestock, and pets due to flying and falling debris.

Category Three Hurricanes (Sustained winds 111-130 mph)
Devastating damage will occur. Hurricane Ivan is an example of a hurricane that brought Category 3 winds and impacts to coastal portions of the United States.

Category Four Hurricanes (Sustained winds 131-155 mph)
Catastrophic damage will occur. Hurricane Charley was a Category Four hurricane.

Category Five Hurricanes (Sustained winds greater than 155 mph)
Catastrophic damage will occur. Think Katrina. Remember the damage done to New Orleans?

Impact hurricane windows can lessen the damage done by hurricanes, and can keep them from happening at all, depending on conditions. They are specially made to keep out wind and rain and windborne debris thrown at high speeds, making them the best choice for hurricane protection. They have a heavyweight aluminum frame that fits tightly, and they have two layers of glass, specially coated for strength and shatter proofing, with an inner liner between the two layers. This means that the storm must go through three layers of protection in order to get into your home, and the glass won’t come out of the frame even if it breaks. It will stay in the frame, and no glass will be able to fly around your home and injure someone you love.
Impact hurricane windows are the best protection that you can give your West Palm Beach home. Enjoy the Florida lifestyle, but make sure you stay prepared and safe from the storms that are a part of this. Preparation for the storm