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Boca Raton Impact Hurricane windows

Boca Raton, Florida is a city with a great Spanish influence. This can be seen clearly in the Spanish-Moorish style buildings. And it’s a city made for pleasure – in a town of 100,000, there are 40 parks and more than 30 bike trails or pedestrian trails.

But pleasure or no, Boca Raton must deal with the unpleasantness of hurricane season every year, just as every other Florida town must. It’s a fact of life in Florida, and you must be ready for it, whether you are a full time or a part time resident. From June through November every year, hurricanes and tropical storms are going to crop up, and you must be ready for them. You must have a hurricane plan, as the state of Florida advises, and you must storm proof your home.
If you don’t have impact hurricane windows or impact resistant glass in all your windows and glass doors, you must cover them with hurricane shutters during a storm. Because of the unique qualities of impact hurricane windows, they can remain uncovered while you still remain safe. The state of Florida allows these types of windows to stand alone during a storm – that means they’re safe, and they’ve been wind tested and missile impact tested rigorously to make sure they protect your home and your wellbeing.

The reason they can stay uncovered during a storm is their shatter proof qualities. They’re made of the same type of glass as windshields and coated with the same special finish. Windshields don’t shatter and shower you with glass shards, and neither do impact hurricane windows. But unlike windshields, impact hurricane windows come with two layers of glass and a layer of lining in between the layers, making them triply safe and secure. You can rest assured that your home is protected with these kinds of windows installed there.

It’s a safe bet that you don’t want your windows to break during a storm and let all that driving rain and high wind into your home. Impact hurricane windows have three layers to go through before the weather can reach into your house, and it’s hard to break just one of those layers. They’re the safest window that money can buy, and they will keep the storm out of your house or business.

Hurricane impact windows protect your Boca Raton home; Florida is a wonderful place to live. Don’t let hurricanes spoil that for you.