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Davie Florida Impact Hurricane Windows

Davie, Florida is a sprawling 35 square miles within central Broward County. The town has a country atmosphere, but it is a growing community, making it a unique place to live. You get the best of both worlds in Davie; parks and trails and lush green natural beauty combined with the convenience of a city. It’s a wonderful place to live and work.

But if you live in Davie, like all of South Florida, you must be ready for hurricane season. Tropical storms and hurricanes hit the area frequently, and it is best to be prepared. The state of Florida recommends that every Florida home have a hurricane plan, and they even provide you with one on their website. Not only should you have a hurricane plan for your family, you should have one for you home, as well.

Preparation is key in preventing hurricane damage to your home and property; you must make sure that your home is as hurricane proofed as you can make it. If you have regular or standard windows in your home, one of the best ways to make your home hurricane ready is to replace them all with impact hurricane windows.
Impact hurricane windows are the only window allowed by Florida law to be left uncovered during a storm and still be covered by insurance. They are so safe and so able to protect your home, they don’t need to be safeguarded by hurricane shutters. They provide enough protection on their own, and this eliminates the need to have shutters installed, cutting down on your costs. It also means that when a storm is coming, you don’t have to rush around and cover all the windows in your home. Hurricane impact windows and their impact resistant glass have you covered already, and they’ll keep you safe from the storm.

Their exceptional qualities and matchless protection come both from the type of glass used and the way that they are made. Hurricane impact windows have specially coated glass that is shatter proof, keeping glass shards from injuring you in a storm. They have two panes of glass, with an inner lining, for strength, and even if the glass is cracked – and it takes a great deal of force to do that – the glass stays in the frame, held together by the coating, and there are two more layers for the storm to go through before it reaches the interior of your home.

Impact hurricane windows make your Davie home safer. Florida is nearly paradise – don’t let hurricanes ruin your little spot of heaven. Install them today.