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Miramar, Florida Impact Hurricane Windows

If you live in Miramar, Florida, congratulations are in order. You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. South Florida is a thriving place, with its ideal warm climate, lots of beaches and activities, and an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. It’s practically heaven – if it weren’t for the hurricanes.

Hurricanes strike the US, and Florida in particular, an average of 5 times every three years. That’s more than one hurricane per year making landfall. Florida has the most landfalls in the US, which means if you live in Florida, you’d better take precautions. The state government requires each city have an emergency management program, and each city must have a hurricane preparedness guide. Miramar is no exception to this; the guide is available online and as a pamphlet, and citizens are encouraged to read it and use it to plan. That’s how seriously they take it, and you’d better take hurricane season seriously, too.

In the plan, they list hurricane emergency supplies, and they also tell you how to make your home hurricane ready. One of the best things that you can do to get your Miramar home ready for hurricane season is to install impact hurricane windows.

The impact resistant glass of impact hurricane windows is double paned with a special inner layer. It is coated with a special silicone finish that resists fragmenting and breaking. It’s the same kind of glass used on car windshields. Just envision that same glass in a double layer, with a layer sandwiched between them, all placed in a heavyweight, sturdy aluminum frame. This is why these windows are so strong, and how they will protect your home. Even if the first layer of the glass cracks, the strengthening inner layer keeps the glass together in the frame, keeping hazardous flying glass from harming your home and family. Your home will stay protected and your windows will stay in place. Impact hurricane windows are intended to keep out the harsh hurricane winds and weather, and they do the job. They protect you against missile impacts and debris thrown by the storm, and are sanctioned by Miami-Dade County building codes, and strict Florida Building Codes.

Putting impact hurricane windows on your home will keep you safe from the storm, and protect your home and family during hurricane season. They’re the best window that money can buy, and they will keep your Miramar home safe.