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Riviera Beach Impact Hurricane windows

Riviera Beach bills itself as the best waterfront city in which to live, work and play. And they’re right – Riviera Beach is a wonderful place. It’s a harbor city right on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida, and boasts some of the best beaches in the state. They have a year round average temperature of 75 degrees, and it’s a popular retirement spot, vacation spot, and all round good place to live. There’s a mix of ages, ethnicities, and occupations in Riviera Beach, and it’s a fun mix.
But if you’re considering a move there or you already live in the area, because it’s right on the water it is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms. During hurricane season you must be prepared, both with a plan for your family and protection for your home.

One of the best ways to prepare your home for the hurricanes and tropical storms that plague the area is to install impact hurricane windows. The only window accepted by the state of Florida that can be left uncovered by shutters during a storm is impact resistance windows of this type. They are a safe alternative to hurricane shutters, and can eliminate their need entirely. You don’t have to rush outside when a storm is coming to put up shutters or close the ones permanently installed. Impact hurricane windows are already there, giving you daily protection.

They have a special finishing process that makes them shatter resistant, two panes of glass with an inner strengthening liner, and a heavy weight, heavy duty aluminum frame. They’re tightly sealed, and that keeps out wind and rain and debris thrown with the force of a missile during storms. They are very hard to break, and even if this happens, the glass stays in the frame. No flying glass during a storm, and no holes that water and wind can use to enter your home. The pressure that happens during hurricanes cause enormous outside pressure on the structure of your home, and a broken window can let that pressure inside your home. Your roof can be ripped off by pressure changes in the home, walls can be torn down in seconds, whole sections of your house can be torn away. No holes or entrance uncovered into your home means no abrupt pressure change, and that means you are safer, and your home is safer.

Impact hurricane windows are something you should consider for your Riviera Beach home. They keep you safe from the storms that are sure to come, leaving you free to enjoy your Florida lifestyle.