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Save on Energy Bills in Highland Beach with Impact Hurricane windows

If you live in Highland Beach, you probably know there is a lights out ordinance from dusk to dawn from March to October. Sea turtles that have just hatched out use light to find their way to the water, and lighting away from the water causes them to head the wrong direction, away from the ocean, and this can mean their death. Lights that can be seen from the beach must be turned off during sea turtle season. There’s another benefit to this, as well – you save energy, and thus, your energy bills go down each month. You’re not only saving turtles, you’re saving the environment at the same time – and saving money.

There’s another way, a very practical one, to save money in energy bills if you live in Highland Beach – install impact hurricane windows on your home. You need the hurricane proofing on your home, and this alternative to shutters means that you can reduce energy costs and make your utility bills go down each month. It’s a no-brainer – save money, and protect your home and family from the hurricanes and tropical storms that plague Florida each year, all at the same time.
Impact hurricane windows fit tightly, with little air loss. Less air loss means less cost to cool your home in those warm and humid Florida summer months. They also don’t transfer heat into your home because they have three layers – two panes of specially coated, shatter resistant glass with an inner reinforcing layer between them. The windows stay in the frames when cracked – and they’re very hard to crack, being rigorously missile impact tested and wind tested – and they not only keep heat away from your home’s interior, they keep out the wind and rain and pressure changes that happen during hurricanes and tropical storms. They also keep out the damaging UV rays of the sun – they block 99% of ultraviolet rays – and this means less sun damage to your curtains, furnishings, and carpets. Less damage means less replacement, and that equals less money spent for you.

There’s a tax credit available because of the energy efficiency of these windows, as well: Up to $500 dollars can be taken off your taxes when they are installed on your home, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Hurricane impact windows are energy efficient, and protect your home from storms. If you live in Highland Beach, you need storm protection. Why not save money, your home, and your environment all at the same time?