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Saving Money and Energy in Lake Worth Florida with Impact Hurricane Windows

Right in the heart of Palm Beach County lies Lake Worth, a city right on the lake, of course, as the name implies. It’s also bordered by the Atlantic, giving it a double whammy of possible areas of storm surge when a hurricane or tropical storm hits the area. They’re a town that thinks their historical significance and old Florida ambience is important. They’re also very environmentally conscious. They take hurricane preparedness seriously, because they want to protect their city and its old world atmosphere.

One of the best, most environmentally conscious ways that you can protect your home is to install impact hurricane windows. If you are building a home, make sure that these impact resistant windows and doors are part of the package. If you are already live in a home or are buying one currently standing and they have regular or standard windows, consider retrofitting them with new windows. Not only will it save you from the ravages of the storm, it will reduce your energy consumption and save you money at the same time.

Because of their unique properties, impact hurricane windows keep energy loss from happening in your home. They are double paned and specially coated, with a lining between the two layers that both improves the strength of the window and reduces air loss. The heavy duty aluminum frames fit tightly, further reducing air loss around the window. And the triple layer keeps heat transfer from happening – in other words, your house won’t heat up inside from the sun, and neither will the cold from your air conditioning be transferred outside through the glass. The special coating also blocks UV rays, up to 99% of them, and this reduces damage to your home and furnishings. This all saves you money, and reduces your energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption means reducing your energy bills, as well. That’s a great benefit.
Impact hurricane windows are so good at saving energy, in fact, that the government gives you a tax credit just for installing them. Up to $500 dollars can be taken off your taxes when they are installed on your home.

Saving money, saving the environment, and saving the old Florida lifestyle in Lake Worth: these are all worthwhile things. And while you are doing all of that, you can protect your home at the same time. Installing impact hurricane windows is a smart move for savvy homeowners, and for those who are prepared for the storms that happen regularly in Florida life.