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Bahama Shutters - Exterior Shutters for Your Doors and Windows

Bahama Shutters are unique; they are a natural protection for your doors and windows and add great appeal to the architecture. It offers protection against winds, rains, sun, wind, dust, and also privacy. These shutters are popular in Florida and add to the value to the external appearance of a structure – great for kerb appeal! These shutters are usually hinged at the top of the window and can open up to 90 degrees or more if you wish. They can be operated from inside and outside.

Now-a-days fiberglass Bahama shutters are available; these are durable, heat resistant, will not rot, warp, get cracked, or have the paints peel with exposure to the elements. Wood Bahama shutters are best if you are looking for functional shutters that also look great. Ensure that the wood used is exterior grade wood and that the louvers and mullions are properly proportioned. An advantage with Bahama shutters is that they are so easy to operate, even a kid can do it. You don’t need any tools for it. Some of the wood types used to construct Bahama shutters include Southern Yellow Pine, Western Red Cedar, and California Redwood. It is possible to have Bahama shutters constructed to custom-sizes on request. Bahama shutters should meet or exceed the regional building code requirements so that you gain optimum protection from storms.