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Emily And Eugene Wane but This Looks Like a Bumper Storm Season

Hurricane Eugene has been downgraded to the level of a tropical storm and there are no longer and watches or warnings in effect with respect to this one. It has more or less fizzled out over the Pacific and there is no threat to land from it. It is presently located 935 miles west-southwest of the southern coast of Baja California and carries winds blowing at around 65 miles per hour. The downgrade is a bit of a fall for Eugene which for a brief period saw glory as a Category Four-Five hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale; five by the way is as high as you can go on this scale.

The Southeast coast of the country will not face a threat from Emily as the hurricane has been prevented from gathering momentum by the mountains of eastern Cuba. Yet, the National Hurricane Center in Miami states that this is going to be an active hurricane season with the waters of the Atlantic offering excellent conditions for hurricane development from August to October. Be prepared for between 14-19 storms and of these at least three could achieve strengths of three or higher. The remnants of Eugene may regroup but will not pose any danger to the South Carolina coastline.