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Hurricane Roll Up Shutters Will Protect You

Hurricane roll up shutters are a popular hurricane protection product and for good reason. They have a built-in feel and do not stick out like a sore thumb. There is very little visual evidence that these shutters are present until they are rolled out. These shutters are not difficult to install and once installed you don’t have to remove them. They offer not just hurricane protection but also security to your premises. They help regulate light, sound, and act as insulators from heat and cold. These shutters can be operated manually or via a motor from inside our outside the house. A centralized control system can be installed, this will help you manage all roll up hurricane shutters from one location. You can install these shutters on openings of any size, from barn doors to small windows. You can also have an automatic closing mechanism installed that will work if the wind speeds exceed a predetermined limit.

Modern roll up shutters are made from strong polymers that are impact resistant, scratch proof, and do not require painting. They can also be made of aluminum. The installation of these shutters eliminates the need for storm bars and thus offers you an unhindered view of the outside. These shutters are the easiest to operate but also amongst the most expensive ones to purchase. The cost can touch $60/square foot. Also, if they are power-operated you need a battery backup to see that these function during a power outage, which is not an unlikely scenario during a thunderstorm. If the roll up shutters are meant to be operated by hand, then make sure that they slide up and down smoothly and you have a crank handy; stay in practice. The best time to incorporate these shutters is during the designing of a home; although these shutters can be retrofitted they are far easier to install during construction phase. These shutters cannot usually support custom shapes such as arches and angles.

The slats in the rolled-up position rest above the opening and adequate space has to be there. If you’re a Florida resident, then see that the roll up hurricane shutters of your choice pass the Florida Building Code and are resistant to the type of impact that are likely to be exposed to.