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Hurricane Shutters - Corpus Christi Residents Need Them

The towns of Corpus Christi, Galveston, Brownsville, and Houston in Texas are in the hurricane zone and need hurricane shutters for protection from storms. You have a wide range in choice available for hurricane shutters. You can choose from accordion, Bahama, colonial, roll-down, storm-panels, etc. Of course, the very basic plywood panel that is at least 5/8th of an inch thick can also serve. It takes very little time to install and will help your property outlast the stormy season safely. Please remember that masking tape on the window is in no way a substitute for hurricane shutters.

Your choice of shutters in Corpus Christi will depend upon the type of construction. For example, you cannot have Bahama shutters cover protruding surfaces, for these you may need accordion shutters. You will also have to decide on whether you wish for shutters installed from the outside of an opening or inside. It is up to you to choose between fixed shutters and removable shutters. Both have their own advantages. Fixed shutters provide protection all round the year from heat, rain, wind, and also sound insulation.