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Hurricane Shutters - Sarasota Home Owners Should Have Them

If you’re a home owner in Sarasota, Florida then chances are that you already have hurricane shutters installed. You know the value of your property and the kind of damage that hurricane can inflict if given half a chance to enter inside the house. Choose shutters that are missile-impact tested and confirm to the building codes of your city. Sarasota residents actually have the luxury to call up hurricane shutter contractors in the area and get a quote that they can get reconfirmed once the contractor visits the premises. There are distinct advantages in going for a shutter from a local supplier. Apart from the sales and installation you are assured of timely service as well.

Take a call on the type of hurricane shutter based on what you want and the shape and profile of openings to be covered. Roll-down shutters provide protection not just against hurricanes but also act as a second level of security. Bahama shutters add appeal to the windows. Are you comfortable with shutters that will be in place permanently or do you want removable shutters that you can put away once the hurricane season is over. Accordion shutters and storm panels are best suited for very wide widths. Colonial shutters and accordion shutters lend themselves nicely to curves, arches, angles, and other custom shapes. Almost all shutter types, be they accordion, Bahama, colonial, roll down, or storm panel can be made to fit custom sizes. Roll shutters and storm panels are best suited to be built-in during the construction process. Not possible to do so with others, these have to be installed once the structure has been constructed. In terms of price, this is how the different shutter types would stack up – Roll shutters > Colonial shutters > Bahama shutters > Accordion shutters > Storm panels > Plywood.

Glass with film on it is a bit of a fancy option; it will not be of much help against flying debris. Take expert opinion if considering this option. Keep in mind that the extent of protection offered by the film is limited by the strength of the glass.