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Roll-up Hurricane Shutters are a Good Protection Option

Roll-up hurricane shutters are the ones that can be rolled up or down and are a great hurricane protection option for a number of reasons. These shutters provide not just hurricane protection but also insulation against heat and dust; they protect your privacy; and provide a great second level of security. Made from polymers or aluminum, these shutters are sturdy with the aluminum slats being injected with a urethane core for improved strength and insulation properties. If you are planning to have these shutters installed, then first check that the space above the opening is wide and clear for placing the hood which will contain the rolled-up slats. Also this is a wall mount so if there are any exterior lighting sources in the way, they need to be cleared.

These shutters can be installed on existing structures and because they leave behind very little visual proof of their presence when not in use; they are a favorite with businesses and individuals that value aesthetic appeal. Not to mention the fact that they do not have to be removed and re-installed every hurricane season. Once installed, they stay in place and you save on storage space that would’ve otherwise accommodated these shutters.

The shutters operate on tracks and slide up and down smoothly. If you choose to go for power-operated shutters then see that you have a power backup installed for emergency situations. Keep the shutters in working condition and be in practice to manually roll them up or down. Keep a hand-crank where you can locate it easily. Roll up shutters covering a wide opening may require storm bars as protection against strong hurricane winds. The prices of roll-up hurricane shutters vary depending upon material quality and vendor. These are as low as $17/square foot an expensive $55/square foot. If ease of operation is important or access to the window or door is inconvenient, then motor-operated roll-up shutters are a very good option.