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Do It Yourself Hurricane Shutters

A DIY project setting up hurricane shutters is a perfect weekend afternoon’s work for a guy and his mates; you achieve something worthwhile that protects your home and you can do it without breaking much sweat if you have followed the instructions and of course, if you have the tools for the job. You can be forgiven to assume that a project that is a potential life saver would probably require a lot of skill. But this is not the case. There is a lot of choice in terms of shutter types, the easiest DIY would be to hammer in nails on a plywood sheet covering the window. Yes, that’s a bonafide hurricane shutter job but you can do more. And there are savings to consider. A good handyman like you can save a bit of money by doing sundry home improvement tasks by himself and setting up hurricane shutters is one such task.

There are DIY hurricane shutter kits and detailed step-by-step plans available online. The plans and instructions are free, you’ll have to purchase the kit. The kit will contain the storm shutter panels, shafts, slats, hoods, railings, and such material. Just keep in mind that if you are installing hurricane shutters for the home, do not leave open even a single opening that might allow the winds to come rushing in. The key point during installation is that you have to get the components properly aligned and leveled. This is where the skill comes in; if the slats are not sitting properly or if the roll-up shutter hood is not perfectly horizontal you’ll have to do the work again.