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European Rolling Shutters and Their Benefits

In case you’re wondering what kind of shutters are these and what’s the European connection. Let us understand that European rolling shutters are your standard rolling shutters but will often have the “European” moniker attached to them because that’s where they have come from to North America. These shutters have been around in Europe for more than seven decades because folks on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean had discovered the virtues of these shutters earlier.

Rolling shutters offer a number of benefits. The biggest ones being ease of operation and automation of operation. You can walk up to these shutters and pull them down or have them operated by a motor or even shut / open them all at once. Another benefit is that these shutters can be installed on openings that are difficult to reach for manual operating of shutters.

These are strong shutters made from metal, usually aluminum. Roll-down shutters operate on tracks and the slats rest in a housing on the top. The sprockets, wheel, ball-bearings, rod to hold the shutter should be of durable material.

A neat added benefit with European rolling shutters is that they act as sound and heat insulators to an extent. These shutters are fixed and best installed during construction and always from the outside. This way it is easier to provision for the shutter housing on top. Rolling shutters may not give you a view of the outside when in use and surely don’t look as appealing as Bahama shutters but they assure you of solid protection against the strongest hurricane winds.