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Important Facts on Hurricane Shutters for Windows

Hurricane shutters for your windows are an important fact of life for those that live in a hurricane zone; in fact, these shutters can be the difference between total damage to property that includes homes and vehicle and sometimes even life on one hand and security from winds and wind-borne debris on the other hand. If your area has been issued a hurricane warning, then you’d better get down to putting up shutters if you haven’t already install them.

Don’t for a moment think that if you have been issued an evacuation notice, you don’t need to put up shutters. You need to or you might come back home to find the windows shattered and the roof blown away.

The best shutters are one that give you hurricane protection, do not box you in, are easy to install, and also serve to protect against wind and heat damage. These should be durable and not corrode with sea spray and the salty air. Get references from people who have used the services of a given hurricane shutter installer. Use local installers, because you can get them to do repairs and after-sales services with less follow-up.

Keep in mind that masking tape is no substitute for a good hurricane shutter for your window. But you can definitely consider plywood that is at least 5/8th of an inch thick. Ideally, you should get hurricane shutters installed during construction, it makes more sense to do so instead of having them retro-fitted.