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Vinyl Bahama Shutters - Looks and Strength

Bahama shutters defined the architectural landscape of the Florida of the 50s and 60s. They were elegant and actually added a lot to the appearance of a property; this is more than what you can say about accordion shutters. Wood has a charm of its own but wood also happens to be high maintenance, expensive, and can get worn out when exposed to the elements.

The introduction of vinyl has helped. Bahama shutters are now available in a range of colors with the assured toughness of vinyl. The drawback with Bahama shutters is that you cannot add them to the door; you need an awning type of shutter there to complement your Bahama shutters. These shutters can be operated from the inside but only manually. The shutters can be fixed louver or with movable slats to allow for wind and light to the extent you want them.
Vinyl shutters such as these don’t chip or flake like wood and are easy to install. You can easily have them installed across any width.

If you stay in a place that is susceptible to category five hurricanes then you may have to buttress your vinyl bahama shutters with reinforcement.