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Accordion Shutters - Miami Residents Should Consider Them

Miami comes under a hurricane zone and its residents feel the force of nature every year during hurricane season; every once in a while, a hurricane like Andrew strikes the coast and it results in massive loss of life and property. The only protection we have apart from moving to safer zones is to install hurricanes shutters; or to be precise those hurricane shutters that comply with the building codes of the Miami Dade county. Accordion shutters can actually exceed the code requirements.

These shutters are made from high quality aluminum and because these are so effective they can bring down your insurance premium amounts. Another advantage with accordion shutters is that they act as a deterrent against looters that may get active in a post-hurricane scenario while you are away in a hurricane shelter. The one biggest drawback with these shutters is that they are not the most aesthetically pleasing ones. Once installed these shutters can last for a good thirty years with very little maintenance.

These shutters are good for any width but unlike roll-down shutters that can be operated automatically, you need to operate accordion shutters by hand. And the sides of the openings to be covered need to have sufficient space for holding the folded shutters when not being used. You can even put them up on the roofs when there is too much sunlight pouring in from top. In Miami, these shutters can be easily installed by taking the service of professionals. Look up installers online or in a telephone directory, ask questions, get quotes, compare, and choose.