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Clear Acrylic Panels or Sheets on Your Windows

Clear acrylic panels or panes can be used as effective storm barriers and for insulation purposes. Their true utility lies in keeping the heat inside a house. These are placed as sheets on smaller windows and as panels on larger windows. Clear acrylic panels are perfectly transparent and you’d have to look twice to see if there is anything else present on the window in addition to glass.

You can have these permanently installed or place them such that they can be removed. The fixed ones are screwed on to the window siding and can be considered for non-opening windows. Removable ones can be installed with Velcro. This material is up to 18 times more impact resistant than glass. These have good dimensional stability at a wide temperature range but don’t keep them too close to a heat source. The usefulness of acrylic shutters increases in homes with cold climes that use single pane windows; the savings are worth much more than the hour or two you may spend setting up these panels. Yes, these panels can easily be put up as a DIY job, you can do them alone or if you find the larger panels a little too jiggly then you can arrange of an extra pair of hands.

You can get these panels from your local hardware store or shops such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. A minimum thickness of one/eighth an inch is suggested to get heat insulation benefits.

These sheets resist ultraviolet degradation and are resilient against chemicals.