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Composite Aluminum Panels for Hurricane Shutters

Aluminum composite panels are used for the manufacture of hurricane shutters. These are termed composite because the core is usually a non-metal material with a cladding of aluminum. The resultant composite is very lightweight and at the same time it is strong. LDPE or a material with insulating properties is considered as the best material for use as core. These panels can be painted easily and are very durable.

Composite aluminum panels can either be fastened to the sides of the opening to be covered or they can be attached to a track on both sides of the opening. Recessed windows with a frame are ideal for installing these shutters with fasteners. These shutters are permanently placed; you can have the panels louvered for movement and to let in sunlight. With tracks, the panels will be out of sight when you don’t want them. Installation of tracks makes it possible to use these shutters even on windows that are shaped differently or are protruding.