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How to Replace Aluminum Siding Panels Yourself

You can replace aluminum siding panels yourself if you so want to; particularly if the insurance company refuses to pay for replacement and repair is not really going to do the job for you.

Unlike vinyl, aluminum is not flexible and when working with metal you should take safety precautions, wear gloves and safety goggles. You will have to gouge the aluminum siding panel and then prise it out from both sides. Because aluminum is rigid, you need to be careful about not letting it get out of shape at the locking point. The first thing to do before you get down to the job is to get replacement panels ready because very often older panels are not any longer in production. Also before you go for siding replacement check if a DIY repair can help fix the issue. Small dings can easily be repaired, buffed, and painted.
A replacement does not have to be of the entire siding, a small damaged portion of the aluminum siding can be cut and another piece slotted in.

Aluminum cladding protects your home from hurricanes and hailstones, it is important that the siding panels are in tip top condition at all times.