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Storm panel hurricane shutters – not the prettiest but very effective

Storm panels are usually made of aluminum or in some cases polycarbonate that is see-through. The advantage with these panels is that they are removable and don’t take a lot of space to stack. These panels are easy to set-up but the process can be a little time consuming. There is no doubt about the durability and protection abilities of storm panel hurricane shutters if they are certified by the building code authorities of your state.

These shutters are usually fixed on tracks or can be directly screwed on to the ground. You can install these panels as a DIY exercise. Take care to install the tracks properly and while aligning individual storm panels. You have a choice between vertical and horizontal installation depending upon the kind of space [with or without obstructions] that needs covering. Once placed, you can forget about them for the duration of the hurricane season. Of course, unlike accordion shutters these panels cannot collapse on to one another and for this reason they are not suitable for doors used for ingress and egress.

These panels are versatile enough to be retrofitted. If you choose polycarbonate resin panels you get rustproof and shatterproof protection that allows you a view. These are suitable for windows on first and second floors; however, keep in mind that these panels can be operated only from the outside. Efficiency and effectiveness are the criteria with these panels, not aesthetics. The window area and its sides have to be clear of obstructions for proper installation of these panels.